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This group's legacy of diversity takes on yet another sprawling turn around in the face of the so called industry standard in music today. Some say the new blend is like "Rage Against the-Korn-Tones"; Most say "Pixies, and Dinosaur jr. meet Tool"; But the people & fans that really know us, they say "Nah..that's just UnderSole.'s original style."

We are a band out of Texas City, Texas that has been having numerous troubles within this industry trying to get our name around and about. We have been in the scene for 10 years straight and still not really any bites from any labels or even indies Mainly because lack of funding, and member changes throughout the years. Our main focus over the last 3 years was to look for backing on the last 5 albums we never released from the past via bad recording levels and engineers (Revolving Around the Mannequins at a 45 Degree Angle <R.A.T.M.A. 45 A.> = "95"/ New Comers to American Life = "97").we even have one that we haven't gotten into the studio with because prior to the "newest members" we had a falling out and 13 songs from (Evolve Devolve Revolve <E.D.R.> = "98" were never recorded, but are already completed musically and lyrically. Now we are finished with the recording and mastering of our 5th albulm *Seven Years Bad Luck = "2000+2001") at SugarHill Studios in Houston, which we had the chance to actually work with some very interesting individuals like Dan Workman and Steve Christiansen. Engineer Steve Christensen twice had previously worked with "Destiny's Child" both platinum, also worked as their sound engineer for the "Deva Tour" throughout America and engineered the MTV music awards for them as well. Master Mixer and Co-Producer Dan Workman has worked with several big names and local bands, just to name a few there's Smash Mouth, 30 Foot Fall, Suspects, I-45, Dinosaur Salad, Secret Agent 8.

We have a total of 14 new songs now for the "Seven Years Bad Luck" album, including a sixth albulm in the works already ahead with 14 more new songs, each being around 5 to 6 minutes long. We are really more interested in moving on with these songs then the old ones, since these are more up to speed with where the industry is heading. We all were basically "trained" by the same band instructors throughout are days in elementary and high school bands, so this is why each of us click so well together as a team, because we can read each-other so well. It's just kind of ironic that we all ended up back together once again.

I guess you could say that we have a good following, for a band from a town out of's mostly the styles of music we choose to blend together and the messages that we convey that makes our music so interesting to all ages and rhythmic cultures that have supported us throughout our years of trying times. I don't want to go on too much, I know you people review so many profiles everyday so I tried to keep this simplistic enough that you could reach us at a later date to discuss more if you are really interested in our work. Remember though that these CD titles "Revolving Around the Mannequinns at a 45 Degree Angle" and "New Comers to American Life" are very out of date to the styles that we've incorporated into our music now for "7 Years Bad Luck" so if a scout could see us live or our practice, you would get a better feel for what "UnderSole." is now today. Thank you very much for this opportunity to review our life's work, I hope we can be some what of a lift to this thing they actually call a scene today and again, thank you for your time.