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10 Years of Service
Music and Memories
News and Crews
News and Crews

All upcoming shows and events are found at our fansite:


Some Past Showcases :

The Oven (Houston)

The Mausoleum (Houston)

The Abyss (Houston)

The Old Quarter (Galveston)

The Blue Iguana (Austin & Houston)

Fitzgeralds & Zelda's (Houston)

Club 9406 (La Port)

Numbers (Houston)

Emo's (Austin)

Black Cat Lounge (Austin)

Twisters (Tomball-north Houston)

Cardie's (Houston)

Bob's Ice House & Sports bar (TexasCity)

Evolutions (Galveston)

The Beer Cellar (Houston)

Rockin' Java's (Galveston)

Yaga's (Galveston)

The Pavilion (TexasCity)

Sam's Boat & Rockin' Toddy's (Clear Lake)

The Piggy Bank Pub (Nasau Bay)

Sharkeys (Nasa Bay)

Area 51 (Houston)

T.C. Tavern (TexasCity)

Pal's (TexasCity)